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Rapid Deployment of Next Generation
Mobile 3D User Interfaces

Take your UI into a New Dimension
3D user interfaces are fast becoming the wave of the future.  UI designers and artists need a clear path to take their work from their familiar UI and 3D art creation tools to mobile devices.

Now, Hooked Wireless provides the technology to harness the power of Maya® and 3ds Max® for the 3D portions of your UI, and Flash®, Java™ or JavaScript™ for the 2D sections.

The Hooked 3D UI tools allow UI designers to apply behavioral and animation control to entities within a fully 3D scene, along with control of atmospheric effects and lighting. The art for these scenes is imported from standard 3D creative tools through the Hooked artpath. Scene control can also be exercised at runtime through native code, or from various script environments via included script bindings.

The highly efficient Hooked runtime engine and the associated artpath tools will enable you to optimize your 3D UI for mobile platforms. The solution can be deployed on any embedded OpenGL® ES system, whether you're targeting the fixed function framework of 1.1, or the game oriented framework of 2.0.

OpenGL is a registered trademark and the OpenGL ES logo is a trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc. used by permission by Khronos.

3D User Interface

Mobile 3D User Interface Concept
Created using Maya, rendered with Hooked M3G