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About Hooked Wireless

Hooked Wireless was founded in September 2004 by Mike Bruno and John Airey, two long-time participants in computer graphics, gaming, entertainment and consumer electronics. Its core mission is the development of consumer WiFi camera systems, and the creation of graphic technology for mobile devices, especially cell phones and automotive displays

Hooked owns the intellectual property for the Stem Connect®, a consumer WiFi camera and platform developed by Hooked. The platform includes the camera hardware design, firmware, cloud system (account services, content upload and storage, camera state and control servers), and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Hooked's other products include the Hooked Media Player, a compact, hardware-accelerated UI-development system for mobile devices, a VG-on-ES implementation, and an authoring and playback system for 3D user interfaces.

Hooked also provides engineering services to clients in the mobile computing industry.