Hooked and PacketVideo Partner on Rich Media Applications for Mobile

Advanced applications are based on the Hooked Media Player™

Los Altos Hills, CA - January 12, 2009, For immediate release

Hooked Wireless, Inc. and PacketVideo, Inc, of San Diego, CA (PV) today announced their ongoing partnership to build rich media client applications for mobile devices using the Hooked Media Player (HMP) as the platform. The two companies have been working together since the spring of 2007 to build an application design environment that integrates PV's effecient, high-performance media services with the Hooked Media Player. Now that the first deployments are near, the companies are providing some details to the industry.

The system built by PV and Hooked will be licensed by PV under the trade name PVMovie, on BREW®, Windows® Mobile, Symbian and Linux, and will run such flagship PV applications as MediaFusion™. It will play a very wide variety of video and audio formats, and can be readily customized and branded by carriers because of the flexibility of its Flash authoring environment. It takes advantage of hardware graphic acceleration, when present, to achieve the frame rates required for modern media applications.

First deployments of the software jointly developed by Hooked and PacketVideo are expected in the third quarter of this year in applications including media-on-demand clients, picture and video browsers and MMS clients.

About Hooked: Hooked Wireless was founded in September 2004 and is a provider of advanced technology and services to top-tier players in the mobile industry including Apple, Google, QUALCOMM, Broadcom and others. Hooked's flagship product is the Hooked Media Player - a system for mobile UI deployment that uses Adobe® Flash® as its authoring environment. It renders SWF (the compiled output of Flash) but includes many specialized extensions for UI applications, and takes advantage of hardware graphic acceleration.

About PV: Founded in 1998, PV is the software pioneer powering the world's leading multimedia services on millions of home and mobile devices. PV is a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE).

For further information, please write to, or contact Art Morgan, Director Sales & Marketing, Hooked Wireless, Inc. 408 667-6054.

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