Hooked Announces Accelerated VG-on-ES Solution for Mobile Devices

New solution enables fast 2D vector and bitmap rendering on existing GPU hardware

Los Altos Hills, CA - February 24, 2008, For immediate release

Hooked Wireless, Inc. today announced its latest product - an accelerated VG-on-ES solution for mobile devices.

OpenVG™ is an emerging standard for 2D vector graphic, bitmap and font rendering on mobile devices.  It is essentially a companion API for OpenGL® ES, the mobile industry standard for 3D graphics.  Both standards are managed by the Khronos Group.

The Hooked VG-on-ES library is based on both OpenVG 1.01 and 1.1. It leverages proprietary technology from Hooked in the areas of tessellation and triangulation for shapes and curve. This technology is key to accelerating vector graphics on traditional graphics pipelines, which are oriented toward the drawing of simple textured geometry. Because of its architecture, which layers OpenVG on top of OpenGL ES, accelerated by today's existing mobile GPUs, the Hooked driver enables hardware acceleration of vector graphics without the need for VG-specific hardware. However, having standards with acceleration is difficult to achieve, and the Hooked driver is one of the first to accomplish this. The Hooked VG-on-ES code shipped this week for its first commercial installation in the handsets of a major manufacturer, through an OEM partner.

"Like other companies with proprietary tessellation and triangulation IP, we saw vector graphics as an obvious target for acceleration", said Mike Bruno, CEO of Hooked Wireless. "Two things make this announcement important - the fact that we were able to achieve industry standards in an accelerated driver, and the fact that this code is now shipping with the graphics-enabled chipsets of one of the largest silicon vendors in the mobile industry."

For further information, please write to, or contact Art Morgan, Director Sales & Marketing, Hooked Wireless, Inc. 408 667-6054.

OpenGL is a registered trademark and the OpenGL ES logo is a trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc. used by permission by Khronos. OpenVG and the OpenVG logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc. This product is based on the published OpenVG™ API, but is not an implementation which is certified or licensed by the Khronos Group Inc. under the OpenVG™ API.