QUALCOMM Licences Hooked VG-on-ES Driver for MSM7x00 chipsets

Hooked software provides hardware acceleration of 2D graphics standard

Los Altos Hills, CA - May 5, 2008

Hooked Wireless, Inc. has entered into licensing and porting agreements with QUALCOMM Incorporated of San Diego, CA to deliver the Hooked VG-on-ES driver on QUALCOMM's MSM7x00 series of multi-media enabled chipsets. Under these agreements, Hooked will port its driver core to QUALCOMM's MSM™ software environment and to QUALCOMM's BREW®, Windows® Mobile and Linux platforms. QUALCOMM will distribute the driver as its standard vector graphics solution for the applicable MSM7x00 parts.

QUALCOMM's MSM chipset solutions enable cost-effective mobile handsets with advanced capabilities that leverage 3G technology yet minimize the development time. Offered on four discrete platforms for tailored functionality, each chipset is integrated with a select set of features from QUALCOMM's multimedia suite of applications to enrich the user experience while maintaining cost-target objectives.

The Hooked VG-on-ES driver, which relies on core technology from the Hooked Media Player, takes an OpenVG™ on OpenGL® ES approach to acceleration. It provides 2D graphics acceleration without the need for dedicated 2D graphics silicon, or a hardware-level driver. OpenVG is an open international standard for 2D graphics managed by the Khronos Group (

"This is a perhaps the biggest single licensing opportunity for an accelerated vector graphics driver", said Mike Bruno, CEO of Hooked. "We are very proud to have been chosen as the vendor. QUALCOMM is one of the biggest suppliers of GPUs in the mobile industry, and their market presence will make our driver one of the most widely deployed solutions in the world".

For further information, please write to, or contact Art Morgan, Director Sales & Marketing, Hooked Wireless, Inc. 408 667-6054.

MSM is a trademark of QUALCOMM, Incorporated.

OpenGL is a registered trademark and the OpenGL ES logo is a trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc. used by permission by Khronos. OpenVG and the OpenVG logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.