Hooked to Preview its 3D User Interface Tools at SIGGRAPH 2009

Designers now able to create 3D UIs with animation tools like Maya® and 3ds Max®.

Los Altos Hills, CA - August 3, 2009, for immediate release.

Hooked Wireless, Inc. announced today that it will be privately showing its new tools for 3D UI design at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans, August 3-6. The tools, which include artpath components, a runtime format, an interactivity-control layer, and a visual design tool, allow designers to lay out, model and animate an interface using their customary 3D design tools such as Maya and 3ds Max. Designers can alternatively export 3D UI components from their modeling or animation tool, and then "wire up" the interface through script or XML. As part of the system, Hooked offers several sets of script bindings, including ActionScript™ and Java™. The ActionScript bindings allow authors to embed 3D interface elements in Flash® 2D user interfaces - a very powerful capability.

"We've been working on components of this toolchain for two different customer projects for the better part of a year now", said Mike Bruno, CEO of Hooked. "We've recently gotten a moment to develop some of our own demo art, so we'll now be able to demonstrate this outside of those engagements. Because of customer requirements, the lower levels of this system were developed first. This made for a very solid foundation, and also created several pathways by which the interface could be wired up and controlled - script, XML or design tool. The result is a very flexible and powerful system".

About Hooked: Hooked Wireless was founded in September 2004 and is a provider of advanced technology and services to top-tier players in the mobile industry including Apple, Google, QUALCOMM, Broadcom and others. Hooked's flagship product is the Hooked Media Player - a system for mobile UI deployment that uses Adobe® Flash as its authoring environment. It renders SWF (the compiled output of Flash) but includes many specialized extensions for UI applications, and takes advantage of hardware graphic acceleration.

For further information, please write to, or contact Art Morgan, Director Sales & Marketing, Hooked Wireless, Inc. 408 667-6054.

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