Hooked announces JSR-184 Implementation

Software provides animation scene graph and timeline components, graphic controls for rendering, and access to the M3G file format

Los Altos Hills, CA – September 5, 2005, For immediate release:

Hooked Wireless, Inc. today introduced its implementation of the JSR-184 Java™ 2 Platform Micro-Edition Mobile Graphics API, including file read and write capability for the M3G file format.

JSR-184 is a specification produced through the Java Community Process by an industry focus group. It has been widely adopted as a method for 3D game development on mobile phones. The specification defines classes and methods for storing and traversing a scene graph that stores objects comprising a (potentially animated) scene, a retained mode for rendering the scene graph, an immediate rendering mode, various importers and exporters, and various animation timing controls. It also defines a file format (M3G) that can be used to store a scene graph. It is primarily intended to enable Java 3D game development on cell phone handsets.

The Hooked JSR-184 implementation includes all of the APIs required by the specification, as well as facillities for reading and writing M3G files. It is available for licensing at relatively low cost, under a volume-based license that includes a buyout-provision for unlimited volume. The expected customers are graphic accelerator vendors, game developers and cellular carriers.

"JSR-184 Implementations are relatively common today", says John Airey, CTO and Vice President of Engineering for Hooked. "But our implementation is especially complete, and includes file format support. We expect that it will be useful in our consulting practice, as well as a standalone offering "

Hooked Wireless is dedicated to the production of carrier-grade technology for the software stack of cell phones, mp3-players and other handheld devices. It was formed by industry veterans John Airey and Mike Bruno in September of 2004

For further information, please write to, or contact Chris Braden, VP Business Development at Hooked, at 408-410-0710.