Hooked Introduces the Hooked Media Player at CTIA Wireless IT 2006

HMP provides accelerated playback of industry-standard animation formats SVG-T and SWF

Los Angeles, CA – September 6, 2006, For immediate release:

Hooked Wireless, Inc. announced today that it will be making its first public showing of the Hooked Media Player at the CTIA Wireless IT Tradeshow next week, starting September 12, at the Los Angeles convention center. Previously, the Hooked Media Player had been shown only under NDA to prospective customers.

The Hooked Media player provides playback of industry and de-facto graphic animation formats, including SVG-T and SWF(the compiled form of Adobe® Flash®).  One of it's most important features is the ability to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration, when graphics hardware is present. The player can also run in a pure-software form. It has been implemented on many of the most popular embedded software environments, including Linux, Windows® Mobile, and Symbian.

The Hooked Media player enables highly artistic graphics on embedded devices - the sort of graphics normally found only on desktop machines and game consoles - and allows these graphics to be designed by artists and web developers. These developers, numbering in the millions, can create content for the Hooked media player using standard tools that they're already familiar with - such as Adobe Flash, Illustrator® and GoLive®. 

"We're extremely pleased to be making this public debut for the media player.", said John Airey, CTO of Hooked. "It means that we're approaching the end of the initial development cycle for this product. We expect a formal rollout, product introduction and 1.0 release in the spring of next year, around the time of the Embedded Systems Conference."

Hooked Wireless is dedicated to the production of industrial-grade technology for the software stack of cell phones, mp3-players and other mobile devices. It was formed by industry veterans John Airey and Mike Bruno in September of 2004

For further information, please write to, or contact Chris Braden, VP Business Development for Hooked, at 408-410-0710.

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