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A Better Way to Build a Mobile Application

Discover a New World of Creative Design
The Hooked Media Player is a more modern and efficient way to build a mobile application.  It combines Flash® or JavaScript™ authoring with hardware-accelerated graphics, deep native code integration, and efficient realtime features to give you the best of both worlds - prototyping and deployment in one powerful package.

The Hooked Media Player is composed of two main components: a runtime engine for hardware-accelerated drawing of bitmaps and vector shapes, and an optional Flash or JavaScript application environment.

The runtime engine includes a number of special features specific to UI development and small-device efficiency. These include a powerful native code interface, 3D graphic extensions, and extensions related to real-time control and memory management. Combined with codec offerings from our technology partners, it also provides extended imaging features, and decoding for a host of additoinal audio and video formats, some hardware-accelerated.

Find out more about why the Hooked Media Player is the right solution for the device-design challenge you're facing today, and how you can benefit from using HMP for your embedded GUI.

Phone GUI 1

Example SWF Cell-Phone Interface, Authored with Adobe® Flash 8

For technical white papers, or to download an evaluation copy of the Hooked media player for your platform, click here.