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Say Goodbye to the Hand-Coded User Interface

Industry-Standard Authoring Tools
So many GUI-design systems require you to bet your product's future on an obscure design tool or code framework - arcane, hard to learn, and likely to be gone tomorrow.  The huge investment you make in design and coding is constantly at risk.

By contrast, content for the Hooked Media Player is created with Adobe® Flash®.  3D animation embedded within that content is created with Maya® or 3ds Max®. These tools are used by millions of developers every day and will be here today, and here tomorrow.

Leverage Millions of Existing Developers
Because the Hooked Media Player uses the tools preferred by web developers and designers worldwide, the future of your interface no longer rests in the hands of a few software engineers.  Flash alone has a developer community of over 1.6 Million.  That's a claim that can't be made by any Java™ visual-design tool, or non-MFC GUI-builder. Leverage the power of this community for your application

Free Your Mind
Without point-and-click design tools, embedded GUI design is a painful tedium of hand-coded element coordinates, event-loops and response handlers.  Animation is all but impossible.

The Hooked Media Player frees your designers to concentrate on the things that your customers will notice, and that will differentiate your product from that of your competitors - art, animation and functionality.

Video and 3D at your Fingertips
You probably know that SWF is the world's standard format for internet animation, but did you know that SWF video is also one of the most common format for video on the web?  It's true.  To this impressive base, the Hooked Media Player adds a full 3D art and control path via the standard file formats COLLADA™ and M3G. This, along with custom Flash extensions, allows 3D art and animation to be embedded within Flash content, and manipulated like any other Flash object.

COLLADA and the COLLADA logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.

Phone GUI Image

Cell Phone UI, Authored with Adobe Flash 8

Superior Performance
The best-known SWF and SVG-T players use simple software rendering to draw their graphics one pixel at a time.  They don't take advantage of hardware acceleration, even when it's present.  That's why their performance is poor on embedded platforms.  The Hooked Media Player overcomes this limitation.  HMP uses the power of hardware calculation and rendering, whenever they are present, achieving vastly superior performance.