mobile phone The Hooked Media Player

Performance for Today, not Hype for Tomorrow

Today's Devices, Tomorrow's Performance
The Hooked Media Player is specifically designed for embedded devices.  It doesn't need a desktop processor, or desktop quantities of memory.  A typical embedded CPU such as a 150 MHz ARM9™, with a few hundred kilobytes of memory and no graphics acceleration, is able to run many HMP animations.  The code is efficient, and the content is compressed and compact.

Graphic Chip Not Required
Although the Hooked Media Player will take advantage of hardware graphics-acceleration when present, it doesn't require it.  Pure software implementations run quite well on four year-old cell phones.  Ask us about what it would take to bring up a software implementation of the Hooked Media Player on your device. 

No Waiting for Future APIs
The Hooked Media Player can provide accelerated playback on a variety of embedded graphics libraries:  OpenGL® ES 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, Direct3D® Mobile, and several desktop graphics libraries.  Unlike other animation players that promise accelerated animation playback, the Hooked Media Player does not depend on future APIs like OpenGL ES 2.0.

Many Platforms Today, More Tomorrow
The Hooked Media Player is available on many of today's most popular mobile and embedded software platforms including Symbian OS, Windows® Mobile, Windows CE, Brew®, Linux, iPhone® OS and QNX. Desktop simulators are available for all of these operating systems.

OpenGL is a registered trademark and the OpenGL ES logo is a trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc. used by permission by Khronos.
Phone GUI 2

Example SWF Cell-Phone Interface, Authored with Adobe® Flash® Creative Suite®

Standalone or SDK
The Hooked Media Player is available as an SDK on all platforms, as well as a stand-alone binary.   Using the SDK, native code developers can create applications where native code acts as the master application container, and HMP is a slaved presentation layer.