wifi camera Hooked Wireless Services

Hooked provides engineering services in the fields of mobile and embedded electronics.

Some of our development specialties include:

  • neural-network systems for on-device AI - Recent projects include hand gesture recognition on an intelligent speaker and facial identification, language recognition and language translation on a conference room soundbara
  • visualization software for drone point-cloud data using WebAssembly and WebGL
  • software platform development (firmware, apps, cloud services) for stand-alone WiFi cameras, and cameras embedded in iOT devices such as intelligent speakers and soundbars
  • Android™ and iPhone™ applications
  • automotive navigation and infotainment applications
  • embedded applications and game titles, especially those involving extensive 3D graphics
  • graphics libraries such as OpenGL® ES, OpenVG™ and related technologies such as OpenCL™

For more information about our past projects and clients, contact sales@hookedwireless.com.

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